Cause Funds

What is a Cause Fund?

A Crypto for Charity cause fund supports a collection of nonprofits with a shared mission or area of focus. Recommending the distribution of your crypto gift’s proceeds to a cause fund is an excellent option for those who want to donate more broadly to a cause. Grants directed to a cause fund will be distributed equally among the included organizations.

How are the funds distributed?

The total amount collected for each fund will be evenly distributed across the nonprofits within that fund once a month. Occasionally, Crypto for Charity may add or remove nonprofits from a fund. Only organizations listed at the time of donation will receive a distribution from the proceeds of that donation - regardless of changes to the fund made afterward.

How are nonprofits in each fund selected?

  • Nonprofits featured in Cause Funds are 501(c)(3) organizations whose values and mission are aligned with a shared goal.
  • Cause Funds prioritize nonprofits that have a national or global presence so that they can offer aid more broadly.
  • The number of nonprofits in each Cause Fund is limited to ten to maximize every donation's impact.
  • Our partner, The Life You Can Save, is included in all relevant cause funds to further promote global high-impact giving for each cause.

Will my personal information be shared with each nonprofit in a Cause Fund?

Crypto for Charity values your privacy and will never share your personal information without your permission. If you choose to share your information, you may be contacted by the nonprofits, as they often like to thank donors personally.

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